Another Wheel Suffers the Goat

Broken I-9 spoke

a broken spoke, possibly a mal~tensioned wheel. Maybe a nick in the spoke from a random rock popped off the trail. At $6 a spoke and $8 for shipping from the illustrious Industry Nine this had better not become habit forming.

The Goat suffers from an empty wallet enough as it is.

Mrs. Goat agrees!

Wheel has been completely de~tensioned and awaiting the new spoke to arrive so said wheel can be tensioned evenly all around.

Georgetown Thursday..a quest for gold!
Be there at 6:15 pm or be the hapless smuck with an empty pan in the creek.

Tour De Fraser/Winter Park

This past weekend it became a search for another ride that I have to do. Living in Colorado a little less then two years, its not hard to do. Winter Park has been on my watch list for a while so I called Guacamole who was game for an all dayer, so to the Park we go!

Buck Creek

Crossing the Trestles

Crossing the Trestles 2

Notice the Goat's Fancy outfits are back. I thought they would help me fly but good ol Guacamole talked me out of it.

Thinking about Jumping

Rifle Sight Notch Trestle


View of Winter Park Resort from the Rifle Sight Notch Trestle

View of Winter Park Resort

Then we go down..down...down..Broken Thumb

Broken Thumb

a few miles of dirt roads and a connector brings us to the Idlewild Trails where I give ode to the Whoops!

Ode to the Whoops!

and these trails give way to going wicked fast!

Going Hard

A barn in Winter Park

Winter Park Barn

a few miles of bike path and road lead us past a KFC where the lure of a large box of potato wedges was to alluring

KFC Drivethrough

after a great meal of wedges it was on to the Fraser Parkway

Fraiser Parkway

Givelo Trail

Givelo Trail

When Guacamole looked over and saw me reading my map and route finding while cruisin a dirt road at 12-14 mph I thought he'd pee his pants from laughing so hard

Navigating as we ride

This all eventually led us to the infamous Tipperary Creek

Tipperary Creek

and eventually Flumes and Creekside and another dirt road to the top of Zoom

Zoom Trail

a view of the Elk Meadows

VIew of Elk Meadow

The idea is getting to be the same, a few more roads and trails bring us to the Sunken Bridge and eventually Elk Mountain where thunder storms chased but never caught us

The Sunken Bridge

A failed attempt at crossing Vasquez Creek, the current was moving to fast, threatening to sweep my legs out from beneath me so we tucked our tails and took a few dirt roads to get to the Blue Sky Trail.

Crossing Vasques Creek

Ice Hill, a fun little trail that leads us to Serenity and back to our vehicle some 9 and a half hours and 65 miles after we started our little adventure. I'm sure that time could've been a couple of hours shorter but a little route finding required pulling the map no less then 20 times and that nap beside the creek was delightful.

Ice Hill

Dellusions of being a Tracker

A busy day at work had me running late for the latest running of the MTBR TiTs ride. There becomes some banter of which you should read between PBR(my second wife, bitch or ho, whatever you may concede to call him) and myself that becomes humorous at points(mine) and rather sad at others(PBR).

Sidetracked as I can get, I texted him formally known as AV Boy and now forever known as Guac, short for Guacamole and asked if he could leave some arrows in the dirt so I could try to catch the group.
I show up 20 minutes after the group was set to take off and some 4 miles and a climb up Baldy later I catch Guacamole who is looking worse for the wear and PBR. Guacamole suffers from cluster headaches and one is hitting him this night, so badly that when he tells us he is bailing, he avoids the faster and funnest route of Sandy Wash and bails back to the roads. PBR and myself wished him well and took off for a fun little route of Gashouse, Redskin, CT, Green Mtn, CT, Tramway, Lower Gashouse back to Gashouse and eventually Charle's Wash and Sandy Wash. Just another bad ass night in BC.

PBR found some techy

PBR found some techy

PBR climbing Green Mtn

PBR climbing Green Mtn

Being chased by the sun

Setting sun on Green Mtn

Columbines are blooming!

Columbine on TRamway

A full Moon over BC

Full Moon over BC

Vestiges of Afternoon Storms

Cloud contrast

This Week in Lunch Rides

Only lasting between an hour and an hour an a half but they satisfy the daily need

South Valley
South Valley

The Wall in Deer Creek Canyon

The wall

View from the Summit of Plymouth Mtn

View from the summit of Plymouth Mtn

Green Mtn, notice the Carbon Bones?

Bones of the Carbon

Wild Flowers are blooming

Fork Details

The Breck Fidy

Ooo La la, the high country is opening up, offering up bigger, badder rides and the Goat got to go play. 50 miles of Breckenridge is just what I needed to quell the beast inside for at least a week. I had originally intended to do some double lollypop loop into Keystone from Frisco but when I realized I missed my turn off the Colorado Trail, I decided to take my adventure deeper into Breckenridge via some old Flume trails. I was not disappointed. Just another day of adventure between 9,000 and 11,500 ft.

1st view of the day from the Peaks trail

a view from Peaks Trail

Top of Gold Hill

Gold Hill

Clear Cut Much?

Clear Cut on Gold Hill

Clear Cut from 1988, a fire waitin to happen

this was clear cutted in 1988

Random meadow on the CT

Colorado Trail

View of the Peaks from the CT

Looking towards Breck from the CT

Some CT goodness

The CT at the Middle fork of the Swan

A random turn turn to some off the CT leads me to a marsh to be hiked to get to those trees over yonder'

from the marsh to the trees

through the trees I found the old flume I was looking for and some remnants of a winter, not so long ago

still snow snow to hike

But it gets good soon enough

Trail across the talus field

Where old Flume supports make a great bike stand

Old Flumes make great bike stands

View from Humbug Hill above the French Gulch

View from Humbug Hill

Then down to Breckenridge and up Ski Hill Rd to take the Peaks Trail back to Frisco

Peaks Trail

and this is why we live in Colorado

The Idaho Springs Night Ride

There is one thing still known to be true. The Goat can still lead a hell of a ride. The hell part for some being the 4,000 ft of climbing in 15 some odd miles to get to the 5 miles of descending.

Charlie's Waterwheel

I've ridden the Idaho Springs area less then a half dozen times and I always come back with a smile. Its not the endless buff singletrack of Buffalo Creek, but a mix of pavement, gravel roads, and the singletrack is a variety of wash outs, baby heads, and cliff sides. Good stuff that makes you earn your ride.

Old # 60

Old # 60

Lets play wheres the Falcon...its perched on that cliff somewhere

My bike is on that cliff somewhere

Trail 20 inches wide, cliff 200 ft high...riding it...awesome!

a trail perched on a cliff

An uncommon view of Charlie's Waterwheel

Charlie's Waterwheel from above

Lubes getting chased by Torpedos

Lubes getting chased by topedos

The Trail Gods have a way of playing with us. Strapping our lights on at the entrance to Warren Gulch the sky let out a mighty bellow of thunder, telling us it was time to go! Bad Ass as the night it was!

Views from Squaw Pass