Alpine Lake on the Peak to Peak Hwy

Saturday I got out for a 80+ mile road ride to Rollinsville with recently relocated East Coaster, Drew to join me. Great ride from the house that included some neighborhood roads, the Clear Creek Bike Path, a climb up Coal Creek Canyon and a descent on Golden Gate Canyon Road that included a max speed of 53 mph!


While having a rejuvenating Mountain Dew at the Rollinsville Grocery I saw a cyclist appear to hit the front brakes to hard and flipped over his bars. I was one of the 1st to him and he was knocked out cold. I checked my cell phone and it had no coverage so I ran to the store and called 911. They were on scene in 10 minutes and by this time the rider was alert but clearly in pain a multitude of injuries. I know I can have a serious injury on the mountain bike but this is always a fear on the road and I don't take it lightly.


Looks like the Explorer may be down for the count so its most likely the Road Bike may see more riding time then the Mountain Bike this summer.


Getting it Back

135 miles this week between the road bike and mountain bike. Last weekend's big ride was cut short at Echo Lake 10,600 due to my dead legs. Still we got 75 miles and hit 47 mph on the descent down Squaw Pass Road. Another big road ride planned for tomorrow. Trying to decide between a Golden Gate Canyon Loop or a big Deer Creek Canyon loop.

A few pictures for the weekend

Road riding does not lend itself to stop for picture taking and I didn't snag a single one on the ride to or from Echo Lake even though there were some grand views along the way. Sunday's short recovery ride did produce this one


Last night was PBR's weekly mountain bike ride and as usual, it did not disappoint.

View from Windy Saddle on the climb up Chimney Gulch


A group with more coming down the mountain






The Goat's New Play Toy

New Horizons need exploring. Continuous churning builds power and speed. I introduce the Goat's new play toy, a Salsa Podio equipped with full Dura Ace 10 speed, Bontrager Race wheels, and a little bit of magic.

Assault on Mt Evans tomorrow. Starting and ending elevation 5700 ft, Max elevation: 14,240...about 100 miles round trip...lets see if the legs have it in them.

Salsa Podio

Special thanks to my Mother in Law; Cindy, Sister in Law; Boo, Uncle Tom, Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa Hedrick for the birthday cash that bought the frame and fork and thanks to Guacamole for helping me find the parts needed to build it.


Always looking for something new. There's a treasure chest awaitin and all you gotta do is look around and you'll find gold. Mine is adventure, seeing new places, riding new trails. Some don't get it, all they want to do is ride, see, feel what is familiar. Me, I'll take a chance. Explore the unknown. Then maybe, just maybe I'll get to show others whats behind the veil.


My explorations took me to Eagle, CO. I heard rumors of a grand trail system there and what I found and only covered maybe an eighth of, was grand. My spiritual gold.

The lower trails reminded me of a mix of Hartman Rocks (Gunnison) mixed with a bit of the Lunch Loops out in Grand Junction




while the upper trails were more of the Alpine forest nature mixed with a few mountain meadows and just a hint and taste of the lush forest






and once I was finished at the top, well lets just say if your in their area...Scratch to World's Best to Elmer's is a hoot


Mr. Mojo Risin

The Mojo ride did indeed crush my legs. Somewhere out there deep within that evergreen forest tho, I found what I was looking for. Pain distilled by the euphoria of the ride, the wonder of being outdoors, spinning my legs, with good friends just riding along without cares in the world.

Its good to love the bike again.