Monarch Crest...Plus Some

This past weekend my family was out of town so that gave way to a much needed adventure down to the southwest on Monarch Pass with twelve other cool guys. On Monarch Pass exists the infamous Monarch Crest Trail.


Most folks just do a route of Monarch Crest> The Colorado Trail> Silver Creek > Rainbow Trail....


Well ya know how I like to take a route and make it my own. We ended up doing all of the above but we also added in Starvation Creek and Poncho Creek. Taking a 30ish mile route about 3,000 ft of climbing and making it almost 50 miles with over 5,000 ft in climbing.


Who would of think of such Shenanigans but the crew was game and the descent down Starvation Creek made the 2,000 ft climb back up Poncho Pass bearable.


Fav quote of the day: "I never knew circus wheels could go so fast" Dee Tidwell,Yeti's Personal Trainer when speaking of my 29er going downhill

Dee was still faster then me on his SB66...both climbing and descending....wicked fast that dude is




and the Green Chile Beer at Amica's damn good