Riding the White Buffalo

The Legend of the White Tantanka is the making of an epic

Trail riding is still available on the Front Range of Colorado if your willing to look for it and work a little harder then you normally would. It doesn't matter that you might have some hike a bike, postholing through 2 foot snow drifts or that you can't ride down that sweet stretch of trail as fast as you would if that trail was dry and hard packed.

Sometimes...its just about getting out there, enjoying what the trail has to give you, enjoying the friends, and enjoying all of nature's spendor.

PBR and AV Boy somewhere in the wilderness

Cary's Trail

PBR climbing Strawberry Jack

PBR climbing Strawberry Jack

AV Boy on Strawberry Jack

Sean on Strawberry Jack

We don't need no stinkin kickstands

we don't need no stinkin kickstands

hike a bike

PBR doing some hike a bike

and postholing were sometimes mandatory

Postholing Homestead

Larry on Charlie's Cutoff

Larry on Charlie's Cutoff

PBR on Charlie's

PBR on Charlie's Cutoff

Cary on Charlie's

Cary on Charlie's Cutoff

and running through my fresh tracks

Cary, just out for a run

PBR pointing out where we need some techy trails

PBR pointing out where we need some techy trails

AV boy getting the rare dry rock

The new connector

More hike a bike

Snow and some hike a bike

Sandy Wash makes it all worth it

Sandy Wash

I couldn't let all this snow go by without at least making one angel

Makin snow angels

Cruising some pavement to make a connection

Snowy Front Wheel

PBR on the final climb

PBR on the Final Climb

For Sale: 56cm Soma Doublecross DC

For Sale: Soma Doublecross DC

Brand New, never built, frame only. $350 firm, retail is $400. Cash or Paypal...Paypal fees will apply....buyer to pick up or pay actual shipping cost. contact me at goatshell at hotmail dot com.

For Sale: Soma DoubleCross DC

The Double Cross DC has all the eyelets and braze-ons of the original Double Cross: downtube shifter braze-ons, rear cable hanger, rack eyelets, double eyelets on the dropouts and two sets of water bottle bosses.

A great 'do-all' frame. Ready for cross, trail-riding, commuting and some loaded touring. The disc brake option(removable canti mounts included)means confident stopping in slushy, gritty winter rides.


• Tange Prestige heat-treated butted CrMo steel front triangle; butted CrMo rear end

• 4.2 lbs

• Clearance for 700x38c tires with fenders

• 132.5 Rear spacing fits road or mtn. hubs

• Rear disc mounts are located on the seatstay, so if you intend to use a rack in conjunction with disc brakes, you will need racks designed to work with disc brakes, which are available from Topeak, Axiom, Delta and us. Fits 160mm rotors only.

• 1-1/8" size headtube - w/ extra height so you use less spacers.

• Paint: Midnight Silver


Center of BB - Top of Seat Tube = 56cm

[mm ] 576

Head Angle 72 degrees

Seat Angle 73 degrees

Chainstay Length
[mm ] 425

Standover height
[inch] 31.9

Bottom Bracket Drop
[mm] 66

[mm] 1032

The evil in the Light

During a cold wintery night in the wilderness near Pine my light went bad. It got some sort of evil into it, nearly driving me mad. Likely from that Necronomicon lying on the side of the trail. Spike and me, we worked on it good. Spike performed some sort of seance that kept the light working the rest of the night but the evil was still there.

I took the light home and found the evil to be contained within the cord. Nothing a good exorcism wouldn't cure.

I pulled out my wire cutters, saudering iron and had a consultation on the tele with the Priest of Lights.

Some minutes later my light works as it should. Slightly advanced technology, I couldn't let it go.

Hmmmm...all this modifying has got me thinking I need a boom stick for when "Joe Blow" passes...Scare em good I could.

Nice Longish Snowy Day Ride

Finally decided to get out and ride yesterday morning. Glad I did cause I got me some freshies!

From the House, Addenbrooke Park, Kipling Bike Path, Smith Reservoir, Kendrick Lake Park, Garrison Bike Path, The StoneHouse Trail, BCLP trails, Morrison Bike Path, Red Rocks entrance 3, up to the Amphitheater, Red Rocks Trail, Matthew Winters, Dakota Ridge, Zorro, Lower Traverse of GM, Alameda Bike Path back to Garrison and the house. Whoot!

Smith Reservoir bike path


The Stonehouse Trail



The Spillway Trail at Bear Creek Lake Park


Climbing into the Red Rocks


A Kerkove inspired Moment





Dakota Ridge


Getting ready to drop down Zorro


Ran into the "Little Jackalope on the Bike"


and Lubes on Green Mtn


Got home and discovered some minor frost bite on my back where my frozen coat was pulling up. Guess that's what I get for being out for 5ish hours on a cold winter's day.


Going Mainstream

Thanks to the pushers of the digital ocular drug I am now a user.


Thanks you fuggers! Like a didn't waste enough of my time on the net, though it is nice to connect.

Big Ring, I'm down to 200 lbs. Keepin up?

All that means is 12 hours of riding a week, pushup, pullup, chinup, crunches workout 5 times a week, no more sodas except for the occasional recovery drink after a ride, 2 liters of water a day, Protein shake for breakfast, and keepin the sugary foods to a minimum. Like I could ever cut them completely...M&M consumption is down to 3oz this month. That is down from something around 36 oz a month. Really! I was an addict.

All this matters not though in tryin to hold the wheel of that little Jackalope on the bike. E still smokes me on the climbs...but I did find myself laggin behind those who I usually can hold their wheels when I was riding the singlespeed. Maybe I should really just drop the gears and go to the single gear full time.

Are you Stoopid? Saturdays dirt fix

Watch out TiTs Crew. There's a rider out there Training to be at the front of the pack. AV Boy is rockin the singlespeed and getting very speedy.

Saturday Morning I went down to Monument with AV Boy to do some more exploring since it was my only my third time down there and AV Boy's 1st time.

I threw together a bad azz little route with a little over 3,000 ft of accumulated climbing in 18 miles. I know a short day on the bike but I'm still a little sore today. I think it was trying to hold AV Boy's pace going up Mt. Herman Rd twice!

The Shrine in the woods


AV Boy flyin down the rocks at the base of Mt Herman

Sean on Flying Dog

a little snow packed fireroad climbing

Packed snow fireroad climbing

My new Clunker

My new Beater

Had so much fun on this section...we did it twice

Me on Flying Dog

We were the 1st to break trail on Upper Stoopid and it was grand...AV Boy made riding that ice look like a high wire trapeze act...cool and collected that one was

Sean on Upper Stoopid

and the further down we went...trails started showing dry dirt

Sean on Upper Stoopid

Flyin down Middle Stoopid

Sean on Middle Stoopid

Flowin like Lava Rocks

Sean on Lower Stoopid

Yours Truly and Monument Rock

Me throwin down a wheelie in front of Monument Rock

AV Boy on Flying Dog

Sean on Flying Dog

If you remember back in December PBR took a fall that required 20 stitches in his ear. This is the rock that took him out.

PBR's Rock

Back in the woods

Me on Black Pearl

This isn't even the best of the rocky stuff. So much rocky riding abounded

Sean on Lower Stoopid

and the booties were saved. Thursday night's ride at Buffalo Creek had the soles flappin in the snow. A little duct tape and they are just like new...well sorta

Duct Tape saves the booties

Tomorrow's dirt fix

Tomorrow's dirt and...errr...snowpack fix.

Stoopid Trail in the Snow - Mtbing in the Monument Preserve from Brian Mullin on Vimeo.

The Snow Lovin Alfine

Snow lovin Alfine

After Saturday's ride into Heaven...I knew it wouldn't last...dry dirt that is.

Snow lovin Alfine

Sunday and Monday it got cold, snow fell, and 6 inches of pow covered the trails.

Snow Lovin Alfine

The Stonehouse delivers though. Two lunch rides, two days in a row...That is yesterday, 15 degrees and snowing and today, 22 degrees and sunny.

Snow lovin Alfine

More lunch riding tomorrow.