Snow Snob I am

The snow in the mountains has sucked this winter and I am partially glad since I can't really afford to buy any lift tickets. Backcountry sounds real appealing but without any avalanche training I've stayed away from the backcountry. Call me a chickenshit but being buried under snow in my own little ice capsule slowly suffocating to death doesn't sound like my cup of tea.

I did manage to get to go Snowboarding this past Saturday at Sol Vista but again the snow was just crap, being grabby and icy. My board won't hold an edge and after 3 hours I called it quits. The Mad Scientist rocked it out though and is boarding better then I've ever seen him.

I got home Saturday afternoon and Ayla wanted to go for a bike ride and I happily obliged. This was our first ride together with her riding her own bike while I rode mine. She is getting to be really good and we worked on hoping off some curbs when she told me she'd be ready to go mountain biking with me soon. She is truly fearless and have no doubts she'll be rocking some singletrack soon.

Sunday I wanted to get in a bike ride but the whole family has gotten sick with a cold of evil proportions so I stuck around, bled the brakes on the Falcon, Cleaned up and rearranged the garage, and put the factory radio back in my truck along with repairing the six disc CD changer that has never worked. My truck is now sporting over 70 songs worth of Led Zepplin, Bad ass I say.