Are you Stoopid? Saturdays dirt fix

Watch out TiTs Crew. There's a rider out there Training to be at the front of the pack. AV Boy is rockin the singlespeed and getting very speedy.

Saturday Morning I went down to Monument with AV Boy to do some more exploring since it was my only my third time down there and AV Boy's 1st time.

I threw together a bad azz little route with a little over 3,000 ft of accumulated climbing in 18 miles. I know a short day on the bike but I'm still a little sore today. I think it was trying to hold AV Boy's pace going up Mt. Herman Rd twice!

The Shrine in the woods


AV Boy flyin down the rocks at the base of Mt Herman

Sean on Flying Dog

a little snow packed fireroad climbing

Packed snow fireroad climbing

My new Clunker

My new Beater

Had so much fun on this section...we did it twice

Me on Flying Dog

We were the 1st to break trail on Upper Stoopid and it was grand...AV Boy made riding that ice look like a high wire trapeze and collected that one was

Sean on Upper Stoopid

and the further down we went...trails started showing dry dirt

Sean on Upper Stoopid

Flyin down Middle Stoopid

Sean on Middle Stoopid

Flowin like Lava Rocks

Sean on Lower Stoopid

Yours Truly and Monument Rock

Me throwin down a wheelie in front of Monument Rock

AV Boy on Flying Dog

Sean on Flying Dog

If you remember back in December PBR took a fall that required 20 stitches in his ear. This is the rock that took him out.

PBR's Rock

Back in the woods

Me on Black Pearl

This isn't even the best of the rocky stuff. So much rocky riding abounded

Sean on Lower Stoopid

and the booties were saved. Thursday night's ride at Buffalo Creek had the soles flappin in the snow. A little duct tape and they are just like new...well sorta

Duct Tape saves the booties


  the original big ring

February 17, 2010 at 9:04 PM

so where are we riding in the summer??