Tuesday on the BIg Green Hill

Sometimes I suck. Why you ask. 21 riders on the Big Green Hill at night and I left my camera at home. The boys from Redstone decided to have their Tuesday night weekly ride on my mountain. Of course PBR, myself and the other local heros decided to push it hard and make everyone suffer while having a good time. I swear you can suffer and have a good time too. Its great I tell ya! Especially when everyone posts up on MTBR about how great a time they had while having their asses handed to them as well.

Another ride on Green Mtn tomorrow night with perhaps a few inches of fresh fluff to keep things new and exciting. Where are you gonna be? Be there...6pm at the Ironworks...Maybe a Scottish or two before and after...7.1 percent of sublime goodness to get ya all tingly and perhaps I'll have the Cap n Jack in the water bottle again to wash down that ,"I just threw up in my mouth taste after climbing Box O Rox".

Still rockin the 34 x 22 single on the Falcon. Will the Alfine be shelved?



February 3, 2010 at 10:03 PM

you don't need that heavy internal geared thingy. You'll be just fine with the one speed love.


February 4, 2010 at 11:32 AM

If you leave that gear crappage off your bike, the pounds will drop like flies!!! For the first time ever I am floating right under 190, who knows, I might be able to catch Dennis, Zach and Clay one of these days.