Riding the White Buffalo

The Legend of the White Tantanka is the making of an epic

Trail riding is still available on the Front Range of Colorado if your willing to look for it and work a little harder then you normally would. It doesn't matter that you might have some hike a bike, postholing through 2 foot snow drifts or that you can't ride down that sweet stretch of trail as fast as you would if that trail was dry and hard packed.

Sometimes...its just about getting out there, enjoying what the trail has to give you, enjoying the friends, and enjoying all of nature's spendor.

PBR and AV Boy somewhere in the wilderness

Cary's Trail

PBR climbing Strawberry Jack

PBR climbing Strawberry Jack

AV Boy on Strawberry Jack

Sean on Strawberry Jack

We don't need no stinkin kickstands

we don't need no stinkin kickstands

hike a bike

PBR doing some hike a bike

and postholing were sometimes mandatory

Postholing Homestead

Larry on Charlie's Cutoff

Larry on Charlie's Cutoff

PBR on Charlie's

PBR on Charlie's Cutoff

Cary on Charlie's

Cary on Charlie's Cutoff

and running through my fresh tracks

Cary, just out for a run

PBR pointing out where we need some techy trails

PBR pointing out where we need some techy trails

AV boy getting the rare dry rock

The new connector

More hike a bike

Snow and some hike a bike

Sandy Wash makes it all worth it

Sandy Wash

I couldn't let all this snow go by without at least making one angel

Makin snow angels

Cruising some pavement to make a connection

Snowy Front Wheel

PBR on the final climb

PBR on the Final Climb


  the original big ring

February 28, 2010 at 6:49 PM

so you ever going to get back to me about planning my trip in August to CO? Seriously dude, every time you post photos of your 'local' rides my mouth waters.

  The Evil MGE!

February 28, 2010 at 11:42 PM

What up...you keep posting that shite then send me emails teasing me about a trip to NC? Which is it, Fella? Send me your digits where I can tease you about your "EH's" and you can tease me about my southern drawl. Don't worry, I'll put some rides together that'll leave impressions in your arse for years to come.

  the original big ring

March 1, 2010 at 5:26 PM

excellent, eh . . .

working tomorrow - will give you a call Wed or Thursday evening