Camping and Hiking w/ the Girls

My wife went to Ohio this weekend to promote herself so I took the opportunity to get together with Guacamole and take all of girls camping and hiking. The trip started a little stressful but once we got camp set up and I had a moment to relax. It was Zen for the rest of the weekend.

At camp and how I always want to see the girls look...happy and wild


The next day we hiked. 4 miles in total, out n back. Starting a little over 11,000 ft. Ending a little over 12,000 ft. The weather and the hike were perfection.


The girls were troopers..there is no doubt




Destination: Silver Dollar Lake




No fish caught but a few Cutthroats seen.


and then there is the hike down




such a fun weekend

Finding Booty on Warren Gulch

You know its a good morning when you find booty on the trail at 10,000 ft

Giant Killer lovin his find

So the conversation goes:

Giant Killer: Did you see this?

*picks something up off the side of the trail*

MGE:No, what is it, an X Rated playing Card..

Giant Killer: Hahaha, you saw it

MGE:No, really I didn't. Is it really an x-rated playing card

Giant Killer: Close enough...the things you'll see and find in Clear Creek:D


Also along the way was some pretty cool trail and a view or two






Good riding with ya Giant Killer...we should make this a morning habit :D

Father's Day Weekend Rides

The hand is getting stronger. I'm having to use a modified wrist guard to support my palm and wrist and while uncomfortable, it works and keeps the hand supported enough that I can stand to ride without a cast.

Yesterday the High Country was calling and I headed to Kenosha Pass to see for myself that it was completely clear to Georgia Pass. It was and even Jefferson Creek is rocking with only a 20' snow drift and 6 downed trees.

Top of Georgia Pass

Looking towards Breck from Georgia Pass

This morning I got out to White Ranch before most of you were crawling out of bed. That ball of fire in the sky was stoking even at 6am and it was awesome to be out. This is not the Goat's year as I took another hard crash getting frisky on Rawhide...Knocked the breath out of me, skinned up the right arm, leg, and hip and a nice rotor burn to the left arm when the bike landed on me. The hand fared well though and I decided to take it a little easier on the descents after that.....Weeee!!!

Top of White Ranch

High Country

Its been almost one month since I've broken my hand. Though the cast is off and I'm back to work and riding, its been an emotional rollercoaster. Work forced short term disability, riding has been a chore and the smell of that cast from exercising with it on had just about had me driven into seclusion.

From Georgetown



to Keystone and beyond



One of the last rides where I had to wear a magical gauntlet


Last night I got to join the T.I.T.S crew for the 1st time in that month. I had no idea how the hand would fare as I had tried a road ride the day before and the newly uncasted hand hated every bump on the road. I modified a wrist guard and it worked well. While my hand was uncomfortable, it handled the ride and let me know its ready for more high country this weekend. Looks like other then work, this summer isn't gonna be too bad after all.