Father's Day Weekend Rides

The hand is getting stronger. I'm having to use a modified wrist guard to support my palm and wrist and while uncomfortable, it works and keeps the hand supported enough that I can stand to ride without a cast.

Yesterday the High Country was calling and I headed to Kenosha Pass to see for myself that it was completely clear to Georgia Pass. It was and even Jefferson Creek is rocking with only a 20' snow drift and 6 downed trees.

Top of Georgia Pass

Looking towards Breck from Georgia Pass

This morning I got out to White Ranch before most of you were crawling out of bed. That ball of fire in the sky was stoking even at 6am and it was awesome to be out. This is not the Goat's year as I took another hard crash getting frisky on Rawhide...Knocked the breath out of me, skinned up the right arm, leg, and hip and a nice rotor burn to the left arm when the bike landed on me. The hand fared well though and I decided to take it a little easier on the descents after that.....Weeee!!!

Top of White Ranch