COMBA/APEX press release ** Meet Thursday 5pm Apex **


GOLDEN, Colorado (September 28, 2009) – After meeting with Jefferson County Open Space leaders and other stakeholders, the Colorado Mountain Bike Association board of directors has decided to oppose the county’s current proposed plan for managing Apex Park.

COMBA is asking concerned trail users to meet at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 1, at the lower Apex Park parking lot to demonstrate their opposition to the plan. Bikers will then ride over to the Jefferson County Open Space Administrative Office, 700 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 100, Golden, Colo., where the county’s Open Space Advisory Committee is scheduled to consider the Apex Park management plan at 7 p.m.

“We are encouraging folks to bring their bikes and ride to the OSAC meeting in solidarity to ask the members of OSAC to reject the current proposal,” COMBA President Terry Breheny said. “Although this plan is touted a ‘compromise’ position for Jefferson County and is less restrictive than the county’s initial proposal, it remains inherently biased against a single user group, in this case mountain bikers.

“In addition to setting dangerous precedent for bike-exclusionary policy, this plan does not address the real issue – the need within JCOS for trails designed and managed for mountain bikers, which would, in fact, also help mitigate the ‘speed differential’ at crowded multi-use parks. COMBA believes the revised Apex management plan, in its current state, is akin to prescribing aspirin for someone with a broken leg.”

The proposed plan limits the direction of travel for mountain bikers on popular trails within Apex Park—where cyclists comprise the majority usage—on an alternating-day schedule. The plan places no travel restrictions on other user groups.

“We are asking the mountain bike community to voice their dissent as soon as possible,” Breheny said. “It’s crucial that OSAC members have a clear understanding of this plan and the broad opposition to it before making a decision. Again, this plan, which unfairly discriminates against the cycling community, will not solve the underlying problem.”

COMBA came to this position following a meeting on Friday, Sept. 25, 2009, between members of the COMBA board of directors, biker representatives from the Trails Use Task Force and Ralph Schell, director of Jefferson County Open Space. The purpose of the meeting, which also included other JCOS managers, was to discuss the county’s management proposal for Apex Park ("Revised - Compromised Actions - 9/21/09").

The 90-minute discussion was informative and included prepared comments from JCOS regarding Open Space values and perspectives. Dialogue covered the immediate matter of Apex and also included broader aspects of shared-use policy, user-group needs and other long-term issues. In addition, COMBA presented a counter proposal to Jefferson County that promoted targeted education and outreach – the most requested management tactic during the June public comment period.

“We are disappointed that our counter-proposal for Apex was rejected,” COMBA Vice President Jason Bertolacci said. “The COMBA proposal was based on management strategies which have proven successful in parks across the country. The current proposed policy should not be evaluated as just ‘lines on a map’ by folks who may have never recreated at Apex Park. They need to understand the real world consequences and ramifications for cyclists should this plan get approved.”

Breheny concluded, “Regardless of the outcome for Apex, we will move forward with proposals for bike-specific trails or parks with hopes of demonstrating to county officials the value this approach provides to the user-experience of all park users.”

Sometimes there's a shitter in the woods

PBR on the shitter

PBR demonstrating how my riding was yesterday

Plainly said, it was like shit. I met up with PBR and Mark yesterday for a friendly spin in the Canyon. Weather was awesome, trails were awesome and I thought I was gonna be riding awesome. 1st six miles went by so fast...I guess a 3% percent uphill grade for 6 miles on a smooth as a baby's bottom dirt road would make anyone feel like a super hero on a bike.

Soon as we hit the trails PBR was off like a shot..I was feelin ok....chest a little heavy but still feelin pretty good. Soon as I reached Lenny's Rest energy level went down the drain.

Literally I was ready to fall asleep where I was standing, my eyes became watery and super heavy and I felt drunk on my feet. We were only a little over 8 miles from the trailhead and I was ready to go home. Mark was complaining pretty loudly about his vajaja hurting though, guy has been off the bike for a while so I kept my mouth shut to keep the whining down.

We headed over to Indian Creek and hit the hike-a-bike..Mark decided to call it when PBR left us again but I pushed ahead only to just about eat it on the 1st descent. OK, Its time for me to go home to but I pushed on to let PBR know and hit the 1st Stephen's Gulch turnoff.

I caught up with PBR to let him know to go ahead but the guy wouldn't hear of it and joked about beer and a game to watch waitin at home so he'd join me for the Stephen's descent. I know he was just nicely sayin he wanted to make sure I got out of the woods ok because lookin at the pics he took, I looked like death was about to hit any moment.

I let PBR take point and lead me down Stephen's...I was laggin and almost hoping to be eatin by the mountain lions that take refuge in the area but alas I survived to make it back to Waterton Canyon where a boy no more then 8 years old schooled me down the 3% grade, smooth as a baby's butt dirt road.

BIg Horn Sheep in Waterton Canyon

Least these guys let me take their photo

Finally made it back to the car for a can of PBR's favorite beer and a quick drive home. I laid down at 7:30pm and didn't get up till 7am this morning. This fuggin devil cold is kicking my arse.

Oskar Blues Ten Fidy

Looks like my Favorite beer of all time is getting some national attention

Oskar Blues Ten Fidy

Now go get ya some!

Crested Butte...I so wanted to race you

My co-workers all laughed at me this morning. I thought to cry but I laughed instead.

No, I did not show up in my birthday suit, nor with toilet paper hanging out the rear of my pants or even with my underwear on the outside of my pants.

I woke up at 7:30am groggy from a night of unrest and wondering why my alarm didn't go off. Usually I'm already within the herd of composites and steel ...slowly making my way towards the dark towers on 6th Avenue by this time.


Somehow I still made it in by 8am but then I realized I didn't have any work for the day. Oh yeah, just another kick in the ol' mountain oysters...for I took today off to go to Crested Butte for the race that was meant to be...just not for me...not this year. No money makin...Fugg me.

On a brighter note...amid all the hacking, coughing, and vomiting...I put on a pretty good show at the local brew in ride. I was feeling worse for wear as everyone and I mean everyone left me on the paved climb up to the Big Green Hill. Once there though, I held a good mid pack performance. I was even given chance to chase one of the leaders for a while in 2nd position...couldn't hold it though and quickly fell back to mid pack. Back to Ironworks Brewery for an Oatmeal Stout and a bit of Karaoke...gotta love that little brewery...Mullets and 80's ladies hair make for most of the flair.


Rain..I used to love rain. The East Coast goodness of Pisgah just isn't the same without slippery roots and rocks from an over abundance of moisture.

Here on the Front Range though...Rain sucks...rain causes the Bentonite clay in our soil to become a sticky goo that sticks to everything and ultimately becomes a immovable monster upon your rig..Even if you could ride you don't want to be on the trails....slobbery nasty much better when dry.

There's supposed to be a ride tomorrow night on the Big Green Hill..Good thing we're meeting at Ironworks for some pre ride pints...maybe post ride much rain is fallin...may not be much singletrack to be ridden.

So the weekend cometh and my heart grows heavy...all year long I had hoped to go to the Crested Butte Classic but alas life came along and kicked me in the mountain oysters. Wondering if I have it in me to at least complete Death March Dave's Big Fall Ride.

Redstone's Big Fall Ride

Hmmm...still recovering from the Flu and suffering lingering effects on the bod, 50 miles or so from the middle of no where heading towards the cool town of Lyons on a mostly rocky in rooty singletrack route that Dave's picked out from a source of goat trails mostly known only to him. At least my favorite cough syrup will be waiting at the end. Decisions, decisions...

Ripe n Ready from the Cherry Tree

Cherry Juice

The new and improved Juice fell off the cherry tree this weekend while me and the family were laid up with the flu or some devilish version of the cold all weekend long.

No fuggin riding or building all weekend long as our temperatures read in the stratosphere, lungs were hacked, and our bodies were wracked with tremors.

Even though the Juice has been claimed to be "new and improved" I think it may be a temporary reprieve. I was originally looking to go with, and still the top contender is dark steel but I'm looking into options such as the local favorite, the John Henry, a Curtlo or on the high end of the spectrum the Route 29

Kenosha, Fall, and Steamboat

Whew...its been a great long weekend of riding, fun, colors of fall and spending time with the beautiful Mrs. Goat. Its our anniversary see, 10 beautiful years worth and going strong.

This post will be more random images of the weekends rides as the real world is calling for me to go to work again and lets face just visit me for the images anyway..

Views from Kenosha Pass



Startin to feel a bit like fall



Breakin treeline



enjoying my hamburger while getting snowed on



Jefferson Creek Trail





Just a few miles from being back to the car I run into some old friends



the Mad Scientist



On to Steamboat

Yesterday morning I rode over to Mt Werner and I climbed up Zig Zag then on to Duster, up Sunshine, Up Cathey's Cutoff..somewhere close to 4 K of climbing right there from the Steamboat Hotel...from there I went Down Pete's Wicked Trail back up Sunshine and down the Sunshine Traverse then down to Moonlight and Valley View.

This morning I wanted to find the mad house(old ranger station, never did) but did ride the Mad Creek trail to the Wilderness Boundary then up Saddlebrook and down Red Dirt where I spooked a huge black bear off the trail. Was awesome to see but alas too I was to slow with the camera....Got a big ol route planned for Steamboat soon starting from Springbrook and ending with Fish Creek Falls.

Orange far one of the coolest bike shops on the planet

Orange Peel

Orange Peel

Jackalope a plenty in the Boat

Jackalope Discovery

Aspens in the Early morning light



Soaking it up with my lady



Mad Creek Trail


the Mad Barn


so many aspens


Far as I can go


fields of dreams


watch out for that nest


views off of Red Dirt


the final bit of Red Dirt Goodness


The bear was spotted just beyond...damn my slow trigger finger

I'll be back for you Fish Creek Falls...on bike


I'm Back...Back in the saddle again

The borrowed ride for a while...Thanks Canyon Rat!


MMM...singlespeed...I was suffering so good at the beginning of the ride but after a bit of ruckus and a few shots of Yager I was feelin oh so good.


Spike taking a moment to enjoy his hoppy beer...I perfer to chew on my beer, thanks.


PBR flying down Evergreen Mountain


Canyon Rat, too fast for the Camera


PBR's bike telling everyone else's bikes exactly what it thinks of them


The last vestiges of an extremely awesome evening of bike riding


Jefferson County, Colorado...Home of the New Anti Bike Establishment

Banning road riders from the Canyon Roads...turning classic Front Range singletrack descents into one way trails...and the only way is up. Just goes to prove the squeaky wheels get the grease. Jefferson County is falling beneath the weight of the select few who have complained that cyclists, whether road biker or mountain biker, are just too dangerous to have around.

Clearly they'll find a way to ban me from riding this as well.


Sweet new luge for the Alpine slides

Sad....just sad Jeffco...just don't think we'll be going down without a fight

On a brighter note I get to ride again..Seems Canyonrat had a Salsa just hangin around that he built back up just so the goat could get some rides in again. I'll be sure to call this gal to give him his kiss.

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Misfit Psycles

Do thy Bidding...Death Race

Misfit Psycles

Click it....many times...Spread the sordid wonder of the Empire

Find something to ride that may make you this Bad AZZ

Doomriders - Black Thunder [DEATH RACE] from raphael on Vimeo.

And could someone please inform the Emperor to fix his fugging links. I ain't got time to be stayin up all night playing with his broken HTML codes..

The Goat's Submersion into Insanity

The Goat's Submersion into Insanity

The bike goaded me into it. Something of a cross between a viking and a ballerina. OK, OK...BikerFox doubtlessly has nothing on me but I know the Empire does indeed love the pink Tutu.

The Goat's Submersion into Insanity

Big Ringer, Ha, Ha, Ha, ha Lets see you pull a one footer with your wheels firmly planted on the ground wearing that silly dress with the tidbits falling out, scarring the eyes of the world.

The Goat's Submersion into Insanity

Fast as Fast can be....never catch me....Since the big wheels weren't working against that little Jackalope on a fixie...Lets see if I can hold him now...