So begs the question. Exactly how far should I push it?

I've actually been riding with the knowledge of the existence of two cracks on either side of my gusset for about a month now. I've been eying them and the one on the right side has steadily grown from a millimeter to maybe 10 millimeters...

So do I keep on pushing it and hope the downtube doesn't impale me upon its inevitable failure or do I give it up and step away for the bike for 2-3 weeks while I send it back to San Fran, wait for an evaluation, and a new frame. Then what? Do I sell the new frame and begin the search for the latest in great Two Nine steel or build up another and hope I don't see more....



September 2, 2009 at 6:33 AM

Just wrap it with some duct tape, you'll be fiiiiine.

Seriously though, with as hard as you ride and as far out as you've been riding, it would really suck for it to complete the break in the middle of BFE.

Can't beat the Inbred for price.