I like supporting the local shops but WTF?

It still remains that in my area Green Mountain Sports still rules as the Best Bike Shop in the World. My world is the world so go suck on your peas and carrots if you think yours is better.

Damn right I'm in a mood.

Just a few miles down the road though is a dealer in Crack. Must be what the guy is smokin cause after all the BS says he should get over a hundred for shipping and handling and begins whining cause he didn't even sell the frame.

Well, sorry brah, but I was living in North Carolina at the time of purchase and I actually had this idea in my head after breaking 9 frames in the past nine years that this one would actually last a few more then the others.

Coming Down Pilot Rock

Its just a frame flogger. If ya had to break it down from bike form, hell I could understand. But brah, really...to box and ship a frame....so glad Merry passed on that RA number.

I should be a frame tester. Think ya got a frame tougher then me. Fugg all your high tech gadgets for stress testing. Just pass it on over to the Goat, Gurtle, or whatever little cute in fuzzy name you've come up with for me. Come on, let me prove you've got the best damn bikes known to man kind in the form of Dark Steel.


Come on Merry, let Green Mountain take it. They're not even a dealer in Crack but they say they'll be a willing partner. Chain of command and policy? Rules are meant to be broken and I've only got a few months riding left before the snow falls and I'm back to get getting fat in chubby playing in cotton candy vanilla fields of pillow clouds.

Solvista 019

Fugg it, we're talking anarchy and devience.

At the other end of the cherry blossom tree, great enhancements have been made to the newest version of Crack.

oh hell...stupid song....go away



September 4, 2009 at 7:34 AM

Ahhhhhhhhh yes, the inevitable crack.

You must ride the extreme.

I would love to join you on the quest to break any and everything but seriously if you stop taking your bike off those sweet jumps it won't last any longer.

You should get a sledgehammer.


September 4, 2009 at 10:20 PM

How tall are you bro?

If you really need a ride, I was gonna rebuild the fixie war machine, but you got an emergency on your hands if you only got a couple of months left, Im willing to lend it to ya so a brother can get his mash on...

let me know

nakedindian99 at aol dot com.