Getting in the last High Country rides before winter hits...

Just before the Goat's Fall Tour last weekend I hit Meadow Mtn and Son of Middle Creek in a cold, light drizzle on that Thursday P1090228 P1090222 Last Wednesday it was Fantastic Lenawee..I got to chase Snow Clouds at 12,500 ft and had a rippin Fast descent down Lenawee into the small village of Montezuma. I finished just as it was getting dusk and I was ready to strap on my lights and start the 5 mile or so climb up US6 when I heard someone calling my name in the distance, "Goat....Goat...Goat" Why its Full Trucker calling my name with a beer in hand and offers of a shuttle. I thought it'd be rude to turn him down. =) Chasing snow clouds on Lenawee Then on Saturday a weather front was settled in over the Denver Metro area. 30 degrees or so and a freezing rain was dropping. That's ok though because I went to Vail, about 60 miles or so to the west and found blue skies and highs in the 50's. Perfect! What I discovered there was Nirvana P1090315 P1090333

The 2nd Annual Goat's Fall Tour

P1090264 Looks like my big ol fall loop is becoming a tradition. I didn't do as well this year as I did last but I finished and had a small group of happy survivors who were all delirious about the amount of fantastic singletrack. For a recap, check out the MTBR Thread.