Sometimes there's a shitter in the woods

PBR on the shitter

PBR demonstrating how my riding was yesterday

Plainly said, it was like shit. I met up with PBR and Mark yesterday for a friendly spin in the Canyon. Weather was awesome, trails were awesome and I thought I was gonna be riding awesome. 1st six miles went by so fast...I guess a 3% percent uphill grade for 6 miles on a smooth as a baby's bottom dirt road would make anyone feel like a super hero on a bike.

Soon as we hit the trails PBR was off like a shot..I was feelin ok....chest a little heavy but still feelin pretty good. Soon as I reached Lenny's Rest energy level went down the drain.

Literally I was ready to fall asleep where I was standing, my eyes became watery and super heavy and I felt drunk on my feet. We were only a little over 8 miles from the trailhead and I was ready to go home. Mark was complaining pretty loudly about his vajaja hurting though, guy has been off the bike for a while so I kept my mouth shut to keep the whining down.

We headed over to Indian Creek and hit the hike-a-bike..Mark decided to call it when PBR left us again but I pushed ahead only to just about eat it on the 1st descent. OK, Its time for me to go home to but I pushed on to let PBR know and hit the 1st Stephen's Gulch turnoff.

I caught up with PBR to let him know to go ahead but the guy wouldn't hear of it and joked about beer and a game to watch waitin at home so he'd join me for the Stephen's descent. I know he was just nicely sayin he wanted to make sure I got out of the woods ok because lookin at the pics he took, I looked like death was about to hit any moment.

I let PBR take point and lead me down Stephen's...I was laggin and almost hoping to be eatin by the mountain lions that take refuge in the area but alas I survived to make it back to Waterton Canyon where a boy no more then 8 years old schooled me down the 3% grade, smooth as a baby's butt dirt road.

BIg Horn Sheep in Waterton Canyon

Least these guys let me take their photo

Finally made it back to the car for a can of PBR's favorite beer and a quick drive home. I laid down at 7:30pm and didn't get up till 7am this morning. This fuggin devil cold is kicking my arse.