Another Wheel Suffers the Goat

Broken I-9 spoke

a broken spoke, possibly a mal~tensioned wheel. Maybe a nick in the spoke from a random rock popped off the trail. At $6 a spoke and $8 for shipping from the illustrious Industry Nine this had better not become habit forming.

The Goat suffers from an empty wallet enough as it is.

Mrs. Goat agrees!

Wheel has been completely de~tensioned and awaiting the new spoke to arrive so said wheel can be tensioned evenly all around.

Georgetown Thursday..a quest for gold!
Be there at 6:15 pm or be the hapless smuck with an empty pan in the creek.


  the original big ring

June 30, 2010 at 3:26 PM

somebody needs to go to JennyCraig

wv: didlho

. . . no shit