The Breck Fidy

Ooo La la, the high country is opening up, offering up bigger, badder rides and the Goat got to go play. 50 miles of Breckenridge is just what I needed to quell the beast inside for at least a week. I had originally intended to do some double lollypop loop into Keystone from Frisco but when I realized I missed my turn off the Colorado Trail, I decided to take my adventure deeper into Breckenridge via some old Flume trails. I was not disappointed. Just another day of adventure between 9,000 and 11,500 ft.

1st view of the day from the Peaks trail

a view from Peaks Trail

Top of Gold Hill

Gold Hill

Clear Cut Much?

Clear Cut on Gold Hill

Clear Cut from 1988, a fire waitin to happen

this was clear cutted in 1988

Random meadow on the CT

Colorado Trail

View of the Peaks from the CT

Looking towards Breck from the CT

Some CT goodness

The CT at the Middle fork of the Swan

A random turn turn to some off the CT leads me to a marsh to be hiked to get to those trees over yonder'

from the marsh to the trees

through the trees I found the old flume I was looking for and some remnants of a winter, not so long ago

still snow snow to hike

But it gets good soon enough

Trail across the talus field

Where old Flume supports make a great bike stand

Old Flumes make great bike stands

View from Humbug Hill above the French Gulch

View from Humbug Hill

Then down to Breckenridge and up Ski Hill Rd to take the Peaks Trail back to Frisco

Peaks Trail

and this is why we live in Colorado


  the original big ring

June 22, 2010 at 6:44 AM

dude, i am going to suffer.
thank gwad you like taking so many photos - lots of catch up and rest time I am hoping


  Luis G.

June 22, 2010 at 11:42 AM

7th pic looks tasty... good stuff up there man. I'm jealous.