Blingy Wheels for the Falcon

In my bestest Mushu voice ever, " The Falcon's got bling, Baby!"

Yes sir, I found an Industry Nine 29er wheelset on the local Craigslist for what I'd consider a steal. Every rider in the world wants one and if they say they don't, well, their in denial. I'd say it should be a prerequisite for living in Asheville, NC or being from there since that's where they are built. Not really from there but I did live there for eight years so it should count as something right?

I-9 has proven itself not only to be a blingy wheelset but one that can withstand the rigors of some of the most techincal riding in the world. Considering the wheels are built in Asheville, which is also home to Pisgah National Forest, where these wheels get tested and honed and you'll understand why they can put up with the abuse they do. There are many technical flavors that Pisgah, the Trail Goddess has to offer where there usually isn't a ride to be had there that doesn't have some sort of blood offering and if you get away with an unbroken or fettered body, then a mechanical offering of the bike is usually what takes it place.

I-9 Teaser

I'm off to stare at my wheels some more. Maybe they'll give me the enlightenment to ride like a Koerber, well maybe not but at least my bike will look good while having some tough wheels rolling it down the trail.


  the original big ring

June 9, 2010 at 8:58 AM

pfffft . . . they're not pink, so they don't exist to me


June 9, 2010 at 10:54 AM

sweet. now you have to accessorize the rest of your bike with red ano.