Dellusions of being a Tracker

A busy day at work had me running late for the latest running of the MTBR TiTs ride. There becomes some banter of which you should read between PBR(my second wife, bitch or ho, whatever you may concede to call him) and myself that becomes humorous at points(mine) and rather sad at others(PBR).

Sidetracked as I can get, I texted him formally known as AV Boy and now forever known as Guac, short for Guacamole and asked if he could leave some arrows in the dirt so I could try to catch the group.
I show up 20 minutes after the group was set to take off and some 4 miles and a climb up Baldy later I catch Guacamole who is looking worse for the wear and PBR. Guacamole suffers from cluster headaches and one is hitting him this night, so badly that when he tells us he is bailing, he avoids the faster and funnest route of Sandy Wash and bails back to the roads. PBR and myself wished him well and took off for a fun little route of Gashouse, Redskin, CT, Green Mtn, CT, Tramway, Lower Gashouse back to Gashouse and eventually Charle's Wash and Sandy Wash. Just another bad ass night in BC.

PBR found some techy

PBR found some techy

PBR climbing Green Mtn

PBR climbing Green Mtn

Being chased by the sun

Setting sun on Green Mtn

Columbines are blooming!

Columbine on TRamway

A full Moon over BC

Full Moon over BC


  Kevin aka. PBR

June 27, 2010 at 11:09 PM

For the record, you didnt catch me. I was waiting for you!

Bad ass ride for sure!!