A Snowy Day in June

The front range was bombarded with cool weather and rain this weekend. Mrs. Goat had a busy schedule going on and that meant I needed to be home by lunch on Sunday. With all the Denver trails socked in by mud that meant I needed to get creative to get in a ride.

To Georgetown we go. I knew there would be snow falling, I just had no idea if it would be sticking.

The ride started nice enough...a lovely moist forest

It started like this, such a lovely moist forest

But as soon as we hit 9,000 ft...it became this

a ribbon in the dust

At over 10,000 ft the snow was getting to be inches thick and showed no signs of slacking off

10,038 ft and its getting thick

We decided to skip the FATS trail and head down Silverdale to get to Silver Creek.

pedaling the old Waldorf Road

But fate decided we should cut this show short and gave Guac a flat and a chance to look like a leprechaun

Sean the leprechaun

While Guac was fixing the flat, this gave me a chance to take some fartsy pics

More Red is good for contrast

Snow bike...in June

After fixing the flat, we discovered Silverdale to be covered in limbs and leaves heavy with wet snow, smacking us in the face, driving wet snow down our collars and into our gloves

Leaves of snow

Finally we broke free of the heavy limbs

Less snow below 9,000 ft

But our spirits were broken, so frustrated and freezing, we called it a day and bailed on our route with 20 miles left to go

looking down on G Town


  Luis G.

June 15, 2010 at 1:53 PM

WOW! We had a heat index above 100deg all last week! I almost had a heatstroke riding Thursday evening...

  The Evil MGE!

June 15, 2010 at 11:41 PM

90 degrees here tomorrow. Elevation weather is trippy!