The Idaho Springs Night Ride

There is one thing still known to be true. The Goat can still lead a hell of a ride. The hell part for some being the 4,000 ft of climbing in 15 some odd miles to get to the 5 miles of descending.

Charlie's Waterwheel

I've ridden the Idaho Springs area less then a half dozen times and I always come back with a smile. Its not the endless buff singletrack of Buffalo Creek, but a mix of pavement, gravel roads, and the singletrack is a variety of wash outs, baby heads, and cliff sides. Good stuff that makes you earn your ride.

Old # 60

Old # 60

Lets play wheres the Falcon...its perched on that cliff somewhere

My bike is on that cliff somewhere

Trail 20 inches wide, cliff 200 ft high...riding it...awesome!

a trail perched on a cliff

An uncommon view of Charlie's Waterwheel

Charlie's Waterwheel from above

Lubes getting chased by Torpedos

Lubes getting chased by topedos

The Trail Gods have a way of playing with us. Strapping our lights on at the entrance to Warren Gulch the sky let out a mighty bellow of thunder, telling us it was time to go! Bad Ass as the night it was!

Views from Squaw Pass