G Town~Back to Mining Country

I took the fellas on a chill ride where the air is a little thin, the views are awesome, and where some fly by trails they wish they knew were there. Georgetown is my my favorite I-70 sidelined village that just so happens to have a great stash of trails, if you knew about them. No guide book will show you what lies in these parts but if your willing to do a little exploring, G town can keep a rider sated for a day or two.

PBR sloggin up 15 + percent grades to break in the morning right


a bit of mountain history


The Mad Scientist and Guac climbing up Waldorf Mine Rd


Guac at Waldorf Mine and the high point for the day; 11,561 ft. Still a bit of snow to melt before hitting Argentine Pass which is to the left of the Peak behind Guac, Grays or Torreys, one of the 14ers, I'm lazy this morning and not pulling out the map to figure it out.


A bit of snow still left in the woods over 11,000 ft.


But the goods are gettin good


Guac rolling a bent wheel..what you don't get to see is all the techy shite we've been rollin. I'm having way to much fun on that stuff. This is just past a section of rocky goodness where my GPS recorded descents in the 38 % range. Some beyond this are even steeper and make even a techy lover like myself walk.


PBR cruisin


The fellas going down the switchbacks back to G Town


Looks like G Town is where I'm headed again this coming weekend as well. The Lovely Missus Goat has a weekend chalk full of business and it gives me little time to ride. Sunday tho, she has given me the go to be home by noon. G town by 6am, 5 hours of riding that will equal about 38-40 miles...yeah, I can do it.



June 8, 2010 at 7:19 AM

Wow. Just wow. I have got to get to CO sometime before I die.