The search for the Ultimate Beater

Trailhead Clunker, Snowhill Slusher....Car that is.

Should it be a Swedish Brick? VW Breadloaf, Vanagon, or Squareback? Or another piece of miscellaneous steel found within the dredges of Craigslust.

Over the past year my family has suffered with just one vehicle. Shipping a vehicle from North Carolina to Colorado meant $1800. One had to go...

See ya later truck

Mazda B4000

My 1st car...86 Plymouth Lazer Turbo....Paid $200, lasted 4 months and 2000 miles

86 Plymouth Lazer

The Goat on the left at 18 years young...what a fugg up! Pack of Camel non-filters in hand, cheesy pimp stash and mini mullet. It got worse before it got better...

Yes, that bad! Holy Christ, I was 21 when that picture was taken and lookin like I was a hippy going on 40.

The 2nd car...a 86 Chevy Caviler..paid $100, lasted 3 years for me...sold to a buddy for $200 who blew it up on a Coastal Carolina rural country road. Want a mansion, Look up Pamlico County, NC....approx...13,000 people as of the last census...Just be sure to make your retirement bucks before you do as there is none to be made there.

86 Chevy Cavilier

3rd car...not pictured...a 89 Eagle Talon...$1200...many miles...named the Dancing Monkey Car.....Death by White Pine...crushed in the roof

4th and most beloved...My 71' Super Beetle named June Bug. Paid 200 dollars for it, two weeks before my wedding day. Had to be towed to my home, a 60's era 10 x 60 ft mobile home...$110 rent a month and a roof over our heads. This beetle was 7 different colors, locked brakes, locked motor, water in the transaxle, rusted out floor pans, an electrical nightmare. Probably 800 hours of sweat equity from yours truly and $1300 dollars later and it looked like this and ran like a champ. Yeah, it still had a few quirks, still needed a paint job, wish I would of documented that process from start to end. You'd be awed! Rumor has it that June Bug is still seen driving the streets of Brevard, NC till this day.

71 Super Beetle

As you can tell I'm not a flashy car driver. Just ain't my thing. My wife gets the fancy, safe n reliable car as she should. I miss my truck but that quirky little V Dub was a blast to drive. Dollars are few to spread but I got a few to give in cash for an old beast that may be worth less then my mountain bike.


  the original big ring

October 21, 2009 at 4:07 PM

I too am looking for a beater - a small pick up, like the one you sold back in NC, to be exact

damn you were a handsome fella

you look an awful lot like the shitrats they've been profiling up here in crime scene investigations

you wanted in Canada?

  Luis G.

October 27, 2009 at 11:08 AM

Holy shit! Those pics are awesome, yeehaw!