Alfine, Internals exposed

I'm figuring I have somewhere close to 1000 miles on the Alfine now. Keeping up with my Internal Gear research I found that the Alfine does indeed love a bath. Oil Bath that is.

So tonight I set upon the task of taking my hub apart and degreasing it for a dip in the slippery stuff.

Its easy enough...Take the disc rotor off, cog, small parts and unscrew the non drive side cone.

Non drive side cone

Unscrew the drive side dust cap and seal, pictured below, top left and pull the internal assembly out

Internal assembly and misc. parts

The internals show surprisingly little wear and no signs of any moisture contamination. Colorado is a very dry state but this hub has seen its fair share of creek crossings and a few rain showers.

Alfine internal assembly

An empty Alfine hub body

Alfine shell

Next I degreased the internal assembly

Needle bearings and ball bearings

Internal gear perspective

Then I went to pick up some automatic transmission fluid. Being the night owl I am, I completely spaced on the fact the auto parts store would not be open at with that, till Manana.