Save Apex


Tonight hundreds of mountain bikers showed to the Jefferson County OSAC meeting to show their opposition to the proposed plan for Apex Park and to demonstrate an overwhelming willingness to put forth the effort to create new trails and offer alternative ideas to create better shared trail user experiences.

Lets hope the political rocks of Jeffco, Ralph Schell and the Board listened well in the fact that we will not stand idly by and let them take away what is rightfully ours along with any other user group.


Strangely enough we are fighting for a park that has only 8 miles worth of trails with the Grand Pom Ba being the Enchanted Forest Trail. Even odder you may think, I've only ridden the park half a dozen times. Why? To many users for to small a trail system. Usually if I'm gonna ride Apex its from 5am to 8am when I know the trails will be almost completely people free.


We're fighting for Apex though because its still a great trail system that's open to bikes and if we allow them to take this away, what Jeffco Park will go next. What Jeffco has to get through their heads is that 126 total miles of trails for a population of over 2,000,000 when you include Metro Denver isn't spreading out the trail users near enough to provide a satisfactory trail experience. The only solution is more trails, not limiting trail users to specific trails where they are going to create even more issues of trail congestion.

Hmmm..wonder how much more arm twistin it would take to convince Missus Goat that one of them pretty mountain towns just a little further west is the way to go....Course there's always Idaho.