Cherry Juice

Cherry Juice

I give you the Cherry Juice. So many mixed feelings about building this bike but its a be honest I like the way it rides but its red you see and red just fucks with my mojo. Such a hostile little color...Red.

Moto brake stylin

I decided to go with moto braking this time....yes sir that is my front brake in my right hand....better to say brrr---appppt...brrr---apppt as I moto down the hill

Endo you say? Never I say....nose wheelies all the way

So it all leads up to where to go next?

Dark Steel in large is on order. December is said to be the delivery date. Hmmm...patience little one... frame has to wait till December and all your worried about oh Dark Lord of Sordid Wonder is forks and what to name them


that's right...I'm broke...I need to save and scavenge for pennies if I'm gonna make this purchase. Don't you worry your pretty little head bout it though, I'll have your doe when the time comes.