Cruising round the Neighborhood

Last night the boys headed off to Buffalo Creek for some quality ride time and a beer or two. Being tired of being in the vehicle all day long, just a portion of what my job as an Appliance Technician dictates, I opted for a local route of some 30ish miles.

Mostly the route was concrete bike paths but I also managed to find the Stone House trail and ride it into Bear Creek Lake Park. While most of the trails are smooth and buff, there is an occasional rock. Seeing that I just flatted on the buffed out Sandy Wash in Buffalo Creek on Sunday, it came no surprise when I glanced off trail for just a moment to take in the sight of two grand Mule Deer Bucks and I hit a rock that torn a 1/4 inch gash in my Maxxis Ignitor's sidewall.

I managed to patch the tire, throw in a tube and ride exactly 1/2 mile to the C-470 bike path where I picked up a piece of glass, gashed my tread and flatted again. Once again I patched the tire and made chase against the vehicles on C-470 to Green Mountain. The Big Green Hill was fast and flowy as usual and on a short climb I dropped the chain. Looking for trouble such as that which happened last time I dropped a chain , I found none but two lights did make chase.

Pretending to be the world class speed racer that I'm not, I took off and somehow dropped the two lights from behind. Feeling kinda sad that I lost two friends that I never knew I had, I waited at the Florida parking lot but the lights never arrived so I took off for home and a ice cream drumstick.

As for the 1000 gram tire for a rear tire that I spoke about. I decided to go mainstream and get a Deadly Nedly otherwise known as The Captain. 280 grams lighter then the 1000 G's I was shooting for but in the 2bliss, control version.

Hmmm..Honey Bee likes what he sees



October 17, 2009 at 3:26 PM

I like my captains. Im either running captains or rampages at the moment.

  The Evil MGE!

October 17, 2009 at 4:51 PM

Got a 2.35 Rampage on the front wheel. Nice in Cushy at 28 psi against the rigid fork. After running the 1100 gram WTB Stout up there for the past year, it feels like a feather weight.

  Kevin aka. PBR

October 17, 2009 at 5:07 PM

I like a little captain but with lime diet coke! ;)