Oily Fluids

The camping trip is off. Weather is fouling the state of Colorado, the youngest is sick with a UTI, better off staying home.

Betterment is found in a can though. $14.67 later and a 4 pack sits in my fridge minus one as of this typing. Expensive beer? Yes! Worth it? Indubitably.

all 87,000 square feet of Tipsy's delivered.

Still trying to take a gander at how many millions of dollars worth of inventory that place carry's. Thought to ask then thought better of it.

So as the can reads;
Cross-eyed.(why yes, that would be the 10.5 apv)

Cyclopean. ( You will feel stoned after a few as this Half Baked. Fully Roasted Ale goes down so smooth and thick, it sits on the belly well)

Cancupisent...(obviously a dirivitive of Concupiscence...Catholics may take issue with this. But yes, I do selfishly desire another can in my belly)

This Dog'll Hunt..(nuff said)

Thinking of tearing down the Alfine to its innards this weekend for an oil bath. If I do there will be pictures...till then



October 9, 2009 at 9:56 AM

Never took you for a 'mainstream' kinda guy.
Isn't that stuff slathered everywhere these days?

As you were.

Actually if you aren't too busy, wanna hang and get matching tribal bands?

  The Evil MGE!

October 9, 2009 at 10:09 AM

Mainstream? From the tiny town of Lyons, Colorado? How could it be? If it trumph's Dale's I may have to search for the next great beer. I mean how many beers do you know that have the consistency of motor oil, sit like a good meal on the tummy, and provide a good buzz after only two?

Matching tribal bands? Only if we can do like Clooney in from Dusk to Dawn..now that's a sweet tribal.