Ghoulie Boobies and some Pow Pow

To further learn ways of extorting money from gullible young men, topless women exhibit themselves with Ghoulies from the underworld...Yup..they got everything in Denver, CO even Triple X Haunted Houses...Mrs. Goat is working on getting a babysitter so we can go together. Ain't that sweet?!

You thought you were gonna see some boobies on this site...Move along Scumbag...and no Mr. Emperor I didn't steal your photo...

To question why I'm not riding right now is rather fruitless.

And yes, it was entertaining to my little girls to watch daddy jump over the 5 foot tall rail of our patio and bunny flop in 27 inches of snow. Note to self: make sure there is a pillowly base beneath...Concrete...even with 27 inches of fresh pow pow, makes for a hard landing....just sayin