Alfine, Oil Bathin

3cpo, come get ya some

3CPO, come get ya some.

Finally made it to the auto parts store at a time of day they'd actually be open. I did forget though, just how much Tranny fluid stinks....Its a cologne of sorts that my wife will not be asking me to wear again anytime soon.

Alfine put back together

The Alfine put back together. Yes, despite the fact that I took all that time to break down the hub, I neglected to clean the cog

Maybe this is something to save for a sunny day, warm day cause just like cooking collards, its best to be left to the outdoors. Not that I left my internals soaking all day in the house itself, I did use the garage. I am a bit more civilized then that despite the fact I have a huge jutting brow and my lack of eyebrows can make me look just like a Neanderthal.

Cassette Joint seat stay routing

Seatstay routing of the cassette joint

Shimano designed the Alfine for chainstay cable routing. I use the non turn washers for vertical drops to turn the cassette joint to the correct angle for seatstay cable routing. One of the issues of running a 22 tooth cog is the chain and the cable stop on the cassette joint hit with this style of cable routing. A small crescent wrench and a gentle bending of the cassette joint arm allow for approx 2 mm of clearance.

Cassette joint, chain clearance, 22 tooth cog

That's close but it has never been an issue

Toughest part of the whole job was tightening the non drive side cone. There's a bit more resistance in an internal hub compared to a standard hub as the gears actually ratchet around the axle. Just a few trial and errors and I believe I got the cone set, spot on.

showing the rear of the cassette joint, notice the cable end

showing the rear of the cassette joint, notice the cable end

Installed back on the bike, the hub feels smoother and easier turning. I understood this was gonna be the case since I flushed out all the grease and oiled the internals...Of note...I did use Phil Wood waterproof bearing grease on all the ball and needle bearings as well as the external seals.