Sunrise rides are the Bomb!

I was never good at 24 hour racing. The laps being to monotonous, to much familiarity, spinning the wheel in the hamster cage.

Everyone can agree though, even those who minds can't take the stale numbness of turning laps over and over again. The Sunrise lap is the Bomb!

Wannabe FIFO's

rider: me photo: Andy Chrysler

TITS/COMBA ride this evening on the Three Sisters....I'll be near the back of the group as I plan on saving it for the 50 miler this weekend. Did I mention 97% of this ride will be over 10,000 ft and prolly 90% singletrack?


  the original big ring

June 26, 2009 at 6:02 AM

sounds like the Breck race . . . which by the way I was this close (I"m holding my finger and thumb once inch apart) to coming to this year - long story that I'll share sometime.

Keep up the beauty pics Goat!