A Skipping Goat

Got out at 5am this morning for a little Green Mountain before work. Threw down 20 miles with 2500 ft of climbing in two hours. Green Mtn is hopping with activity. All kinds of vegetation making the East side trails barely 5 inches wide and flowers blooming every where.

I found out a Goat in a Turtle shell skips like a flat smooth rock thrown across a pond. I was riding around the lower traverse of Green mountain hitting somewhere in the 15-20 mph range and saw something in my peripheral to my left. I glanced over my shoulder, saw nothing and as soon as my eyes fixed on the trail again a blue culvert jumped in my way along with a 4 ft wide ditch. I hopped it but caught my front tire and I must have bounced a good 50 yards before I finally slid to a stop. Another random rider was right behind me and saw it all…

“Dude, you ok?”

Me laughing, “Yeah, I’m good. Did you see that?”

Random Rider, “Scary, but it was awesome! Your Bike ok”

“It’s good.”

I stood there for a moment collecting myself and then finished my ride ending with the heavily overgrown but always fun Jeremy’s Gulch.