Caught in a Monsoon

From what the Colorado Old timers say...20 years ago between 2-3pm there would be a thunderstorm guaranteed to hit in the summertime. All the young timers are speaking of how everything is so green, how brown it usually is this time of year and how wet the Front Range trails are.

Sometimes you have to yield for the local wildlife

I got to Morrison around 1:30 Sunday afternoon, parked the car under sunny skies and peddled up to Mt. Falcon and that bastard of a climb up the hill. I passed a few riders and was feeling pretty good and then I started hearing thunder in the distance. Just as I reached the pavilion, the skies fell out and I huddled with 5 other souls for about 30 minutes until the storm passed. Back to blue skies and now damp trails.

I had originally planned on adding the Parmalee, Devil's Elbow sections to my route but the delay for the storm lost that to me me so I rushed down to Indian Hills and jumped on the Bear Creek Trail down to Lair O the Bear. By the time I reached Lair O the Bear there were several stretches of standing muddy water and I got alot of compliments from the wandering hikers, all wishing they were the big kid who could care less how much mud covered his face.

The big muddy kid

I hit Little Park and finally jumped on 74 and mantained a steady 30-35 mph for 7 miles back down to my car and sunny skies again.