Going to Fruita

Tabetha and the girls are flying to San Francisco on Thursday for my Father in Law's Chain of Command Ceremony as he takes over a new Coast Guard Base in California. With months of advanced notice I couldn't get the time off work so instead I'm taking off to the land of Mystic.

Friday afternoon I'll be taking off with the Mad Scientist and doing some sweet desert riding. It was originally a tie between Fruita and Salida....Fruita being the desert with huge exposure to some perilous falls and the scorching sun...Salida being the lush mountains with lower temps and mucho tree cover.

I've been watching the weather for a while and looks like Fruita is going be in the high 70's. I've never done any real desert riding and Fruita as popular as it is, holds a certain mystic that lures me to it with its otherworldly features.

Just in time for the out of town trip, I recieved my new Garmin Edge 305. GPS, heartrate moniter, Altimeter and bike computer. If I figure out how to use the thing I'll get some elevation profiles and Google Earth images of the weekends rides.

I'm taking it easy on the Mad Scientist since his work has had him locked in his office for hours on end. Instead of focusing on distance and how bad we can punish ourselves, this weekend is gonna be about having fun, checking out the scenery, getting in a few good rides and enjoying sunsets over the desert with a few beers in hand.



June 3, 2009 at 10:59 AM

The Edge is a piece of cake to figure out.

As much as you like to explore you should have gone with an Etrex.



June 3, 2009 at 9:29 PM

Yeah, I agree with Karlos, you really need a real GPS. The Edge is just a tease.

  The Evil MGE!

June 4, 2009 at 1:20 PM

Bah! No GPS with mapping needed. I'll use an old fashioned map and compass for that. I just wanted something I could upload my rides and check my elevation, mileage, heart rate and all that boo ha ha with. I have found I can download a route to the Edge as a CRS file(motioned based will convert files for you) and follow that route and the edge will let you know if your off course. The Etrex does look sweet though.