I Interrupt my Regularly Scheduled Fruita Program

To tell you that the Buffalo Triangle still holds. Buffalo Creek, Beloved buff singletrack of the semi mountainous nature is the place we go when nothing else can be ridden or even if everything else can be ridden then we go because, its just to damn fun to pass up. I Met AV Boy, PBR, and Spike for some chilly action on the buff in tacky Buffalo, Thats "Buff" to you good sir, Creek.


Buffalo Creek was in unusual form as all the granite ball bearings were sticking together in a synonymous form from all the rain we're having. It was 51 degrees and shivering when we arrived, the humidity was high and at 7800 feet we got snowed upon and as we lost 2000 ft it turned to rain. PBR's plan of the epic failed but, we got to ride a secret stash of trail that may be open in something like 2015, and no it wasn't the new black diamond trail being built. Super fun all the same and it had my imagination running wild at all the thoughts and possibilities of new loops. Spike's telling of these secrets can conjure adventures in my mind as grand as that of the Never Ending Story; Rock Eating Giants, Dragons that look like cute little puppy dogs, and an image of the thing that was but never should have been.


If you think your eyes were fooling you, they were not. AV Boy is like James Bond and wears his Tux even to a singletrack party. Why, cause thats how my crew rolls!


Notice the KB Cyclewerks Leg warmers logo artfully and subtly placed on AV Boy's leg. Of course you did, now go buy yourself some and check out their awesome deals on everything else from shorts to jerseys and more. Oh by the way, this blatant advertisement is directly correlated with the fact that KB Cyclewerks is now an official sponsor of the Goat.