Blasphemy of the Misfit

To incorporate multi geared bliss on the Falcon including the eva lovely granny gear, I needed a front derailleur. The one thing the Falcon lacks though is braze ons of any sort to secure a cable or its housing as the Mighty Empire believes one gear rules them all or some sort of BS Dickyism philosophy.

Steve Brazing

I thought I could Macgyver it but, when it came down to securing the cable housing to the frame with a hose clamp to keep the front derailleur cable housing from slipping when there was tension on it, I decided I needed a cable housing stop. Having none at my immediate disposal, I called the Xvelo, who just so happens to be into building frames these days and was told to come over for some torching.

Steve Brazing

Xvelo Sands and torches the frame inbetween showing me all the juicy bits of finished and half finished projects he has laying about and then goes on to show me the best bit of masking I've seen in some time.

Steve's form of Masking

The Falcon is now 2x9 and squishy, but I'll let you wonder for another day how it all came together.


  the original big ring

April 14, 2010 at 11:58 AM

My eyes, they burn!!!!!

How could you?!?!? You must be getting old and flabby . . .2x9 indeed!!!

  The Evil MGE!

April 14, 2010 at 12:27 PM

The better to crush you with when you come for the Tour De Goat. 5 days, 50,000 ft of climbing, 200 + miles...Get ready to buy some canned air and put your suffer face on.