Fruita 1.1...The ultimate camping spot and Koko Loops

The desert grows on me. The lack of available alpine riding gives way to going to far side of the state where dry dusty trails and a blazing sun that I can never escape, gives me that which I adventure and new trails.

AV Boy showing me his Toyota can handle a little 4x4 action to get to the campsite


Somehow I got roped into being the ringleader. Finder of the campsite, designated trail guide. Keep in mind, I have only been to Fruita once before and never to Rabbit Valley. I scanned the available sites on the topo for camping and found Knowles Canyon Overlook. A grand cliff overlooking Knowles Canyon and the Colorado River some hundreds of feet below.

The view from the door of my tent


After setting up camp, AV Boy and myself made a made dash back to the Kokopelli trails where we set up a good pace for getting them all done before night fall. By the end of the evening though and Collarbone Hill, I was bonking hard. A few pills of Caffine from AV Boy got me through to Mack Ridge but I did decide on blasphemy and to skipped More Fun.

The top of the drop in to Horsetheif Bench


AV Boy on Mary's



Working on getting rid of my farmer's Tan


Troy Built


AV Boy on Mack Ridge



  Steve Mitchener

April 21, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Fantastic picture taking! Looks super fun, wish I were there right now, way better than what i'm doing...
I'll have some zip-tie replacements for you from Paragon in the next day or two if your interested. Let me know