Fruita..Understanding the Granny Bonk

Climbing up Collar Bone Hill I went into an understated bonk. My heart rate was screaming at 180 beats per minute according to my Garmin 305 and I was being crushed by AV Boy.


Something to understand is I have not had a granny since May of 2009. The Alfine carries 8 gears alone it simulated a cassette of 13-34 or thereabouts depending on the size of the cog I used with it. I had been trying to conserve but I've trained my body and my legs to push the harder gears and using the granny on anything less then a 20 percent grade had my heart working harder then it would of if I would of just stuck it out and powered through the harder gearing.


AV Boy kept telling me to push a harder gear but my body had gone into shut down mode. Finally relenting to AV Boy's pushing of drugs and nutrients I took a 200 mg pill of caffeine plus a few shots of gel.


Waiting about 15 minutes I found myself feeling better and pushing harder gears and with the descent of Mack Ridge ahead I pushed on, letting the descent sink into my being, my mind loosened and I let the bike fly quickly dropping AV Boy.

Forgive the lack of video skills, I was riding one handed

Deciding to skip Moore Fun was probably a good decision since as soon as we got back to the truck I noticed a missed call from the guys telling us they were in Fruita.