And thats how you celebrate Easter

Saturday night one of the local rider's band was playing at Ironworks so a few of us took that as a que to have a ride before and back to Ironworks for some brews and tunes. Good ride, good tunes, and good brew as usual.




Afternoon nap of the family on Easter Day means me and the oldest get to escape to Green Mountain and Bear Creek Lake Park for some ridin and horse viewing. I was originally walking out the door to hit Dakota Ridge but Ayla looked like she could use an outing too, so I used the opportunity to have some good ol Daddy and Daughter time.

Ayla on Green Mtn

Yup, that is Daddies 20 lb pack on her 40 lb body.

Ayla in Bear Creek Lake Park

Just 10 miles in the saddle with Ayla but moments like these are always priceless.