Chapter 2, Rabbit Valley and the Rims

Saturdays ride was a route originally designed by me to be a sufferfest of all day proportions. Included were to be the Zion Curtain, West Water Mesa, The Arch Loop and the Rims. Only 45 miles and close to 6,000 ft in climbing but what you must learn about the desert is it'll whip the uninitiated, break you and leave you to turn to dust and then forget about you.


Bad Andy sitting of the edge of the cliff's edge, just 50 yards from our tents

I saw Bad Andy's breaking point the weekend before and I knew Mike and Ken hadn't been riding much during the winter months either and as much as I wanted to complete the loop, I didn't have the heart to drag these poor souls into the middle of the desert just to leave their dried out corpses to be another set of relics in the sun.

So I designed the Rims loop. A figure 8 of 20 some odd miles starting and ending in our Campsite of Knowles Canyon overlook.


Trail #2


Herding cows by bike


The Mad Scientist on the Western Rim


Ken Woo


AV Boy


The Mad Scientist and Ken Woo on the Kokopelli Trail above the Western Rim


Mike the Giant on the Eastern Rim


Looking east from the Eastern Rim


Bad Andy kicking up Dust plumes on Brian's Trail


Me and the Mad Scientist sitting on the edge of a sandstone cliff