Late Season

Seems the last couple of years I've yoyo'd between 195 summer time pounds and 210-215 winter blues pounds. This year I've managed to get down to 202 give or take a few pounds depending on how many pounds of M&M's I've managed to inhale that week.

That's ok though. I'm feeling fit, wouldn't say the strongest I've ever been but the fitness is there and the legs are feeling good. 30-50 mile weekend mountain bike rides have been a norm along with 3-4 lunch rides a week and the regular Thursday Night Intervals.

This coming weekend is my "Goat's Wee Little Fall Foliage Tour". Fall colors are here and the high country is calling so I gathered a group of friends for a 40ish mile or more tour of Kenosha Pass>Georgia Pass> Some old flumes>French Pass>Back to Georgia Pass>down Jefferson Creek and finally back to Kenosha. Yeah, that should keep some sated on the high country for some time.

Next week, the Big Ring comes back for more Colorado goodness and he's dragging Dicky and Curvy Butt along with him. Last year we hit the yummy goodness of Crested Butte and as tempted as I was to go back there, I wanted to expose the famous Canadian to the Desert of Moab. It won't all be desert riding though as we'll try to hit Two Elks and maybe Meadow Mountain in Vail on the way out and Buffalo Creek as the week closer. Six days should equal around 200 miles or so of riding if all goes the way I plan.