Chasing the Storm at BC

So last night for PBR's T.I.T.S. we headed to Buffalo Creek where there were rumors of unridable trails, mud suckin muck on the CT, and boundless amounts of snow still left in the tree covered trails. We'll let me tell you folks last night was the fuggin BOMB (well, besides me getting sick and Full Trucker having the mother of all Bonks) and I know all of are hating yourselves for not showing up. So I give you a photo teaser before darkness fell.

Full Trucker getting his carbs just as the ride begins


A mother of a Trucker, trucking up Shinglemill


Guacamole always gets pics in the cool views



R-L: DS2199, PBR & Full Trucker


that's all folks.

We did a sweet loop of Shinglemill>CT>Redskin>Gashouse>Charlies>Sandy Wash

On Sandy the 1st flakes of snow started falling that would make for a treacherous drive home but all made it safe and sound. Now I know all of you think BC make be shut down for the weekend but that wet snow + a super warm ground temp + a nice warm sun today is sure to have melted it off and given a nice base for you to go rip it up this weekend.