The Goat's Play Corner

Finally after a few years of procrastination I have a play corner put together in my garage. I've been wrenching on my bikes out of tool boxes since moving to Colorado and inevitably I'd forget where I put this tool or that one. I've been planning on building a new workbench for a while but PBR saved the day with an old train box turned desk that he had. I took it and started searching out an old door or a stainless tabletop and just as I was about to give up, along comes PBR with an old stainless tabletop that the Denver Museum was throwing away.
I have a few things to do yet, such as building two drawers and cabinet doors but it is functional and every tool has a place. Every bike tool that is. All my wood and sheet metal working tools still reside in tool boxes but that's OK because its usually the bike I'm wrenching on anyway.

Daddy's play corner