Exploring Cheyenne Canyon

On the bike, you know your out of shape when a 20ish mile long MTB ride can beat you down. It's the lack of winter riding, poor eating habits, and just maybe trying to at least keep Kip and Ol PBR in sight all day on the climbs.

I met up with Guacamole, PBR, and Kip for some fun in Cheyenne Canyon. Thanks to Kip for playing tour guide. It kept me from having to pull the map and every intersection and we saw more trail then road due to his knowledge of the area. It kinda reminded me of riding back east where the choices could have you taking the easy way up via Fire road or the harder way up by known or semi known trails. At each intersection Kip would tell us about the easy way up the fireroad or the funner singletrack that may have some steep climbing. At every intersection I would vote for the singletrack and then watch Kip and PBR blow me and Guacamole away on the steep climbs.

Ol PBR rocking the 29er and glad I talked him into Cheyenne after a Friday full of ribbing text



Guacamole climbing out of the Chutes


Kip showing us the lines


a few views were seen




It can't be a Evil MGE! ride without some hike a bike


Kip on Captain Jacks



  Kevin aka. PBR

March 16, 2011 at 2:04 PM

ha, i dont remember the snow being that deep!! good times ;)