A Broken Axle

You might have seen on my last post how I took apart my rear hub, found a broken paw spring and thus decided to reduce the number of paws in my hub to a equalized triangle per Industry Nine's specs. It rode nice.....until the 3rd ride of which the 1st two rides were lunch rides and the 3rd ride I was two hours in, so you may call it the only ride if every ride you ride you expect to be of epic or length or as a roadie told me once...."I won't even get on my bike if I can't ride longer then 2 hours." Not having a roadie's mentality I'll still think of this as the 3rd ride even though the 1st two rides were lunch rides of less then 2 hours.

If you followed that then continue.....

On that 3rd ride which was a ride ride and not a lunch ride, my freehub started slipping. I had already climbed Green Mtn that morning; up Hayden, crossed to the backside on Summit, which still needed more drying time and crossed back over to descend Rooney Valley. From there I had climbed Zorro, descended Dakota Ridge and started to climb up the Red Rocks when the offending freehub began it's slip.

By the time I reached the actual Red Rocks my freehub had completely given up and I took the wheel off to see if I could do a trailside fix. What I found instead was my one piece axle was now two and able to be removed without tools of any sort.

Broken Axle

Not good...

I thought to walk back to my truck but either way I looked at it, my truck was miles away. I called my wife but the kids were napping so I took a chance and called Bad Andy who had just finished church to be forgiven of his heathenish ways and just so happened he was home and willing to come get me.

Bad Andy, what ever they tell you at the Pearly Gates...for your one good deed that day, you are forgiven all else.

Once back to my truck I drove home, slapped on another rear wheel, went back to Green Mtn and got in another hour and a half of single track loving fun before calling it a good day.

A good day indeed. So I later called Industry Nine fully expecting to pay for a new axle and the paw springs that cracked when the axle when out thinking I had done something wrong in the Hub Love I had recently given it. I-9 says they had some issues with their 1st Generation axles and they have a new axle available and all will be covered under warranty. Thanks for the outstanding customer service Industry Nine. Your above and beyond customer service should be a benchmark for other companies!


  Kevin aka. PBR

March 11, 2011 at 8:52 AM

So was this a ride ride or just a ride? im so confused! and aren't those "pawls"? ;)

Good ride last night!