The Great Big, Damn'd Vail Ride

ok..only 38 miles. Somewhere around 8,000 ft of climbing and just below 11 hours including breaks and lunch.

I've been wanting to ride Two Elks since moving to Colorado three years ago. The only thing that bothered me about it was it was gonna either be a shuttle or a long road/bike path ride to make it a loop. I thought about Resolution Road but I figured if I was gonna be pulling my teeth, I might as well do it on Single Track.

Enter Cougar Ridge. I'm sure it makes a fine downhill but it's a helluva climb. Least I knew it would be and an east coast friend who just arrived in town on Friday showed it could be climbed on a bike. Funny how all of us who were acclimated were the ones walking for at least 80% of it while she just rode away. Did I mention she was a girl? Watch out ladies, she is in town for the Leadville 100 and I have a feeling she might earn herself a belt buckle.

The ultimate route: Vail Pass>Shrine Pass Rd>Bowman's>Top of the World>Two Elks>Minturn>Game Creek>Cougar Ridge>The Grand Traverse>Two Elks Connector>Top of the World>Bowman's>Shrine Pass Road>Vail Pass

Keep in mind this is a lolly pop loop and while we took our time, had lunch in Minturn, and took many breaks....its a loop I'd only recommend to the super adventurous, the super fit, and have the spirit to persevere.

On to the video. Don't worry, I broke it up with pictures, pov, and people riding.

The 1st 15 seconds or so is PBR talking. Some reason the sound didn't transfer well and he is berating yours truly, while climbing a ridable portion for me of Cougar Ridge.

"He did this. That guy. He's the one. His Fault"



August 8, 2011 at 5:49 PM

Jeremy, you made your mark in the histories of all our lives through this ride for sure. I so look forward to experiencing the next Great Goat route. An outstanding day all around!