This past weekend our friend Tanya came to town for a work conference. She gave us a shout and asked if she could stay with us a few days before and of course, we welcomed her with open arms. A rider herself, Tanya wanted to go riding and see the big mountains but was afraid that climbing at altitude may have undesired effects. She's a relatively new mother and living at sea level which I thought was a good excuse and I gave her a little break. So I did what any good friend would do...take her to Winter Park for some lift served downhilling at Trestle Bike Park. Of course, a trip like this needs a few extra bodies and I was able to rustle up Lubes, Guacamole and The Mad Scientist to zip up the mountain in the 4runner.


Me and Tanya
Me...the xc kid, all mountain rider...bah, I don't care for labels.
Tanya, the black knight...all dressed for war and still gets a nasty little puncture on her knee on the 1st run of the day. Silly pads, I guess they were just for looks. Like a true champ though, with some doctoring from the bike patrol and maybe a margarita, she got out for a few more runs



Lubes all dressed for war with some silly big suspension too...will he sell the singly speed and go big bike...inquiring minds want to know.


The Mad Scientist said the views sucked.


Even Guacamole got all speedy


this ride was all about flow


I usually don't like to fly but when I do, its with Dos Nueve's