White Ranch to Golden Gate and back

White Ranch to Golden Gate has been bugging me for over a year now. To bad I had to cut it short due a failed rear brake. That's the Mountain Lion, Maverick and Belcher Hill descents with a front brake only, sketchy, I'd say so.

No pictures of the climb up White Ranch, its a well known fact on the Front Range, it hurts but the top could not be resisted.

Top of White Ranch

Drew Hill Road, The connector between White Ranch and Golden Gate...I was hurting to keep it in the middle ring climbing back up this 20% plus beast.

Drew Hill Road

Mountain Lion Trail in Golden Gate Canyon...looks to be some recent underbrush fire clearing

Mountain Lion

I just had to see City of Lights Ridge...it was pretty much a hike a bike to the top

climb to City of Lights Ridge

City of Lights Ridge

Least the view was worth and the descent

White Peaks in the distance

The old homestead

The Homestead

The climb up Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion Climb

and the snowy descent off the backside

Mountain Lion Descent

It went on for a bit which meant some cold creek crossings and postholing up to my knees through rotten snow

Water on Mountain Lion

But eventually the snow ended and whats life without a little adventure?

Where the Snow Ends

I stopped to get some learning before Drew Hill Road took its best shot of me

Back to school

Where the Ranches had barns nicer then most folks homes

Can I buy your barn...its nicer then my home

and I ended my day thinking I need to bleed

NO Brakes...sucks!