The Bailey Hundo

On June 19th, 2010 the Bailey Hundo will be starting off its inaugural year of whats to be an annual event of mountain bike racing. With this being the 1st year of the event, the Bailey Hundo crew will be giving out 150 invitations of which one that I recieved.

The racing format will be about 40 percent buff singletrack including sections of the Colorado Trail and the Buffalo Creek Trail System along with about 60 percent fire road and jeep trails.

Sponsored by four Colorado State Senators; Scheffel, Romer, Brophy, and Kopp, the event will be raising money for enhancing the trail system around Bailey as well as promote mountain biking for at risk youth and High School students by supporting Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder and the newly-founded Colorado High School Cycling League (CHSCL).

This is where I need your help. The Bailey Hundo is a pledge based event where each rider commits to raise at least $100 and more if possible. I've commited $500 knowing between my friends, family, and loyal reader base that we can reach this goal and more if possible. But I need you to react quickly since the race is so close to happening.

Two ways to pledge are:

Make a check to "Advance Colorado", the non profit established to run the race, be sure to put my name in the "For" line

and send it to:

Bailey Hundo Bike Race
PO Box 181028
Denver, CO 80218

or go to their Paypal and donate by credit card securely

Be sure to send me a note to: goat shell at hotmail dot com so I can keep track of how much you donated in my name.

Thanks for your pledges and support!