Left Hand OHV and saying goodbye to the Alfine

Yesterday I made a mad dash to just north of Boulder to hook up with the Redstone Crew to ride the Left Hand OHV area. I didn't take into account for Boulder traffic or the tiny road sign I missed so I blew the meeting by 30 minutes and found a parking lot full of empty cars. It was already 6:30pm and I had no clue where I was so I just took off up the steep gravel road hoping to catch them to no avail. I got to a section I later learned was called the 5 points and weighed my options. A steepish gravel road to the right beckoned and it soon became this...

Rocky Climb in Left Hand OHV

MMM....so many fond memories...seriously..this is classic east coast style and I was loving every minute of it until I found out I had brought my light battery but not the light itself. Doh!

It was 7:20pm now and I knew it'd be getting dark soon so I scouted out another steep dirt road and found trail # 841. It appeared to be heading the direction I wanted to go so I jumped on it and railed the tight, sketchy singletrack back to the trailhead.

Trail 842 in Left Hand OHV

Next time Redstone!

On to the Alfine. With this year's plans of epic rides and epic races I decided I needed a granny gear again for those moments when I'm feeling the Rocky Mountain High at 13,000 + feet. So the Falcon has gone to a 2x9 as most of you already know and the Alfine is being sold to fund the squishy fork I now have on the front.

For Sale: Shimano Alfine laced to a DT Swiss TK 7.1D

$300 gets you a Shimano Alfine newly laced within the last 2 months to a 29er/700c DT Swiss TK7.1D including a Shimano XT Centerlock Rotor, non turn washers for horizontal or vertical drops, Alfine Trigger Shifter and the cassette joint. Everything you need to go internal geared.

Give me a shout at goatshell at hotmail dot com if your interested.


  Luis G.

May 5, 2010 at 8:58 AM

mmmmm rocks, I was beginning to think you only rode buff trails now ;) missed you this weekend J.